CSV editor

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This script is working under Windows 7 and Windows 10 using Busybox.
To start it I made a shortcut to "busybox.exe sh -l".

To edit CSV for better and easier human reading.

# File to be modified
# Output file to be generated
FILE_OUT=$(echo -n "$FILE_IN" | sed 's@.csv@_mod.csv@g')

# delete all empty lines after header (header is 11 lines long)
sed -i '12,${\@^$@d;}' $FILE_OUT

# put back all samples together (delete in-file headers except first one)
sed -i '12,${\@Arming date:@{N;N;d}}' $FILE_OUT

# replace long path by short path of variables
# before: CPU1/CPU_fast//CPU_fast/appli/test/sf_12/do_low_power_tests/n_lpt
# after: CPU1/n_lpt
LINE_TO_MODIFY=$(cat $FILE_OUT | grep "/")
LINE_MODIFIED=$(echo -n "$LINE_TO_MODIFY" | sed -e 's@/[^;]*/@/@g')
echo "Old line to modify:"
echo "New line modified:"

# remove and replace variable names with short path

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